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Pets Nature GmbH was founded in June 1999 by Martin Schupp with a great deal of idealism and conviction - the conviction that idealism and good business sense can go hand in hand with the right company philosophy. Christian Numsen joined Pets Nature in 2002. Over the years, the company has grown to become a major player in the German pet food trade without losing sight of its original principles. In addition to carefully selected, high-quality food, they focused from the outset on friendly and competent customer service and fast shipping.

The corporate philosophy at Pets Nature is "We understand animals". In our
range, we take care to meet the species-specific needs of our four-legged friends and feel a deep connection to animals. That is why it is a matter close to our hearts to support animal welfare organizations through food donations and sponsorships. Many of our employees even volunteer in their free time to help protect animals - that's what you call passion.

We also support our customers with specialist knowledge and are on hand to answer any questions they may have. For example, we offer expert advice on animal feed. Our team is available via the service contact and social media for our customers' concerns.

Our conviction

Since 2011, the popular 4-paw fine food has been offering all felines a grain-free diet that is suitable for cats. The recipes developed with love and passion and the selected ingredients make catz finefood a real delicatessen for all cats - whether wet food, snacks or treats. Our wet food is based on the prey animal concept and, thanks to the wide variety of products, always offers the right and optimal nutrition for every stage of life and also for nutritionally sensitive cats.

As animal welfare is a top priority for us, the species-appropriate cat food from catz finefood meets the highest standards. Developed by our food experts, it is only produced in selected production facilities in strict compliance with our recipes. catz finefood food is produced in Germany without animal testing or genetically modified ingredients. It goes without saying that we do not use artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or added sugar. The pure taste convinces all little gourmets!

catz finefood - the 4-paw fine food. Mmmmiau!


Our catz finefood is based on the natural diet of wild cats, the ancestors of our modern domestic cats. That's why catz finefood contains lots of fresh meat and offal, supplemented with fruit, vegetables, wild herbs and oils. It does not contain any genetically modified material, artificial stabilizers, colourings, flavourings or preservatives. Our catz finefood kitten line is also based on the prey animal concept. We have adapted our popular catz finefood Classic recipes to the needs of growing cats. Due to the very similar basic recipes, the young cat is already familiarized with the taste that it will find in catz finefood Classic as an adult cat. And so that the little cats can simply enjoy catz finefood Classic Kitten, we have made the consistency of the food a little finer. All varieties also contain eggshells, which are a natural source of calcium.

catz finefood can also be fed to healthy senior cats. However, our new catz finefood Classic Senior range is ideally suited to the needs of older cats. The protein content is moderate, while at the same time the fat content provides energy in line with requirements. Although older cats can benefit from a lower protein content to relieve the strain on their organs, they should not become underweight or lose muscle mass. In the case of existing illnesses, such as kidney or liver weakness, prior consultation with a vet is essential. catz finefood is not a diet food!

Even though catz finefood is not a designated diet food, it meets important criteria for the nutrition of cats with diabetes, e.g. high-quality proteins and low carbohydrate content (NfE) in combination with high-fiber ingredients. Even though the right diet for diabetic cats is a pillar of therapy that should not be neglected, the reduction to the cat's ideal weight is the most important component! Avoiding obesity is the decisive factor!

The diet of a cat with kidney disease always requires consultation with the attending veterinarian. Depending on the stage of the disease, different therapeutic measures (especially with regard to feeding) are necessary. In the early stages, catz finefood Classic Senior can be presented to the vet for assessment.

As animal raw materials can be subject to large fluctuations due to their natural origin, the mineral content is also subject to natural fluctuations and can only be specified within a tolerance range. However, we have calculated the following average values with the help of ongoing analyses: Calcium: approx. 0.23 % Phosphorus: approx. 0.18 % Note: The values stated are calculated average values. The individual product therefore remains within the tolerance limits.

Yes, the compositions are completely identical. The slightly firmer consistency of the food in the cans compared to the pouches is created during cold filling and preservation. More pressure has to be applied to the cans, so that the food compacts somewhat and appears firmer. Many cats like it when 2-3 tablespoons of hot water are mixed into the food with a fork. This creates an aromatic, lukewarm meal with a softer consistency. This not only increases acceptance, but also the daily fluid intake.

All ingredients for a flavor are first coarsely minced. The ingredients are then mixed together. During mixing and subsequent cold filling, air pockets can form which increase the volume of the mixture (similar to whipped cream). This is particularly common with soft ingredients (e.g. fish). As we fill by weight and not by volume, cans with more air pockets will be slightly fuller. The cans are then sealed and heated to prevent the formation of bacteria. This reliably kills all bacteria, including those that would produce the dangerous botulinum toxin. As they cool, the fuller cans contract unevenly. In some cases, cans are under higher pressure so that the food can swell out when opened. However, the food is not spoiled! The uneven pressure distribution can also result in flexible can lids that can be pressed in slightly. This does not affect the shelf life.

Please store food that is still sealed in a dark place protected from sunlight, ideally at room temperature. After opening, we recommend storing the food in an airtight container (e.g. sealed with a can lid) in the refrigerator and consuming it within the next 48 hours.

Due to their natural properties, our ingredients are subject to fluctuations over which we unfortunately have little influence. For example, meat from animals that are slaughtered in the warmer months of the year contains more water than meat from animals that are brought to the butcher in winter. This can lead to a variable moisture content in the raw products, which ultimately has an effect on the texture of the product, sometimes resulting in more jelly. The feed is thoroughly mixed before filling. Nevertheless, the result is not a completely homogeneous mass. Here too, there may be fluctuations in the jelly content due to filling.

No, catz finefood does not contain any added sugar, sugar substitutes or sweeteners.

Our productions obtain their raw materials from regional sources wherever possible, so that long transportation routes for the animals to the abattoir, for example, are avoided. All animal-producing and processing companies are subject to official veterinary inspections to ensure that the applicable animal welfare laws are respected. As our production sources raw materials from a large number of producers, it is not possible for us to provide detailed information about the exact conditions under which the individual farms and livestock breeders keep their animals. We ask for your understanding. Ultimately, all processed raw materials are subjected to quality controls, which allow further conclusions to be drawn about the proper treatment of the animals. Furthermore, we receive the meat types deer, roe deer, wild boar, pheasant and rabbit directly from the producer. It goes without saying that we observe the seasonal breeding and setting times.

The following animal species are used in our N°9 - Game and N°21 - Game & Redfish varieties: reindeer, deer, elk, roe deer, wild rabbit, wild boar and pheasant. The types and proportions of meat may vary depending on the season and availability.

As catz finefood uses natural raw materials, the food is subject to natural fluctuations. Our quality claim of not using formed meat, artificial stabilizers and animal meal is also reflected in the not always uniform appearance and consistency of the product. As with the ingredients for our own meals, the meat can sometimes be somewhat firmer and more sinewy, at other times softer and fattier. It would only be possible to always produce a uniform product by adding stabilizers and formed meat. We want to do without this in the future.

No, catz finefood does not test on animals! It is very important to us that all our products are free from animal testing. The only test candidates for our new food varieties are our office dogs and privately owned cats, who are allowed to try out the products before they are released.

If the individual components of the guaranteed analysis are added together, the total for some varieties is greater than 100 percent. This calculation is completely correct. The NfE must be set to zero for these varieties. The reason for a value above 100 % lies in the natural fluctuations of the natural raw material used. As a result, the values of the guaranteed analysis can only be given as a mathematical average. The resulting deviations in relation to the final product are taken into account by the legislator by allowing certain tolerances. For this reason, however, it can happen that the sum of the individual analysis values is greater than 100 percent.

Black cumin seed oil has an excellent fatty acid profile and therefore a high nutritional value. The quality of the black cumin oil used, the quantity used and its terpene content are decisive for its tolerability. Terpenes are secondary plant substances that are contained in many essential oils. They are broken down in the liver with the help of certain enzymes. This process is called glucuronidation; an ability that is only present to a limited extent in cats (unlike in horses or dogs, for example). For this reason, the maximum dosages of some medications are set significantly lower in cats than in dogs. This is also recommended for essential oils, which is why catz finefood contains a maximum of 0.2% black cumin oil. At the same time, the production process of the oil is decisive for the terpene content. Therefore, the black cumin oil used for catz finefood is gently cold-pressed without exposure to light. The terpene content is minimal due to this production method. Due to the high quality and the low proportion of oil in the recipe, a toxic effect is ruled out even with regular feeding.