Our nutrition philosophy

catz finefood is species-appropriate cat food inspired by nature. Wild cats – like the ancestor of our house cats, the African wildcat – fed on small rodents and birds. It is therefore logical to model the nutrition of our domesticated miniature tigers on their natural prey to ensure species-appropriate substance for our small predators. All complete food products of catz finefood pursue just that goal.

classic and Purrrr – a small but delicious difference

A high content of about 70 per cent meat and cat-appropriate giblets is combined with a low content of vegetable ingredients in catz finefood classic. This simulates the stomach contents of the prey and makes catz finefood classic a near natural culinary delight. The recipe is rounded off with good oils and appropriate mineral supplements.

With the exception of an extra helping of high-quality oil, catz finefood Purrrr is completely free from vegetable ingredients. With a meat content of 70 per cent, this wet food otherwise contains only the meat’s cooking broth and mineral supplements. This combination makes catz finefood Purrrr ideal especially for nutritionally sensitive cats and allergy sufferers.

catz finefood for all situations

The high-quality and near-natural ingredients make all catz finefood products suitable for healthy cats of all ages. This point is also based directly on the natural nutrition of wildcats – so you don’t need special kitten or senior food to give your cat all the nutrients it needs.

Species-appropriate – that also goes for treats

The treats in between should also be adjusted to the digestive tract of cats. Our catz finefood Meatz are therefore made up of 98 to 99.5 per cent meat, depending on the flavour. True gourmets have confirmed the sublime delight with 96 per cent in the acceptance test. The crispy-crunchy strips excite felines and their humans alike.

Our conviction: high-quality ingredients and no animal testing

Cheap fillers, sugar, cereals, flavour enhancers, pressed meat and tankage – all of these are things you will not find in catz finefood. We work completely without genetically modified ingredients and exclusively use high-quality raw ingredients which are prepared gently. We draw on regional ingredients wherever possible. Our products are preserved in different ways depending on the respective type of product. This is always done gently and yet sustainably so that we can completely omit the use of preservatives. Pets Nature does not carry out animal tests. Only the animals of our staff and selected four-legged friends are involved in the product development and may sample the goodies here and there.

After all, catz finefood is special – not only when it comes to the exceptional design of the packaging.

Cats are convinced: catz finefood is sooo tasty! Mmmeow!!!