catz finefood Purrrr N° 107 – kangaroo


Single-protein gourmet cat food for the species-appropriate nutrition of our felines. catz finefood Purrrr N° 107 contains tasty and well-tolerated kangaroo, the kangaroo’s cooking broth, mineral supplements and borage oil. This makes it a very high-quality wet cat food that not only tastes brilliant but is also ideally suited for cats that are nutritionally sensitive or suffer from feedstuff intolerances. The shortness of the ingredient list makes for the quality. catz finefood Purrrr is a complete feed. Guaranteed to be without preservatives, flavour enhancers, colouring agents or cassia gum. Genetically unmodified. Mmmeow!

Kangaroo 70 % (consisting of hearts, red meat and liver), broth 28.8 %,
minerals 1 %, borage oil 0.2 %

Metabolisable energy: 98.52kcal/100g

Analytical constituents:
Moisture 80 %, raw protein 10.2 %, fat content 6.1 %, raw ash 1,9 %, raw fibre 0.3 %, calcium 0.2-0.3 %, phosphorous 0.15-0.25 %, sodium 0.2-0.3 %, magnesium 0.03-0.04 %, potassium 0.15-0.25 %

Nutritional additives per kg:
Vitamin D3 200 IU, taurine 1,500 mg, zinc as zinc sulphate monohydrate 15 mg, manganese as manganese(II) sulphate monohydrate 3 mg, iodine as moisture-free calcium iodate 0.75 mg

Feeding recommendations:
The following figures are standard values. The actual feed requirement depends on the activity level, age, size and breed of your cat. Please adjust the daily feed amount accordingly and please always provide fresh drinking water.

Cat size

Daily requirement

small cat 150 g
medium-sized cat 200 g
large cat 250 g

Available in 85 g pouches and cans with 200 g, 400 g and 800 g.