catz finefood Mousse N° 205 – chicken & beef


catz finefood Mousse is tasty, light and fluffy complementary feed for cats. Acceptance is very high and the wet food very easily digested. To give our mousse its special fluffy consistency, we use a higher cooking broth content. catz finefood Mousse is therefore perfect for cats that prefer soft food. The raw materials of our mousse have the same high quality as all our catz finefood products. We use only the best ingredients for our complete catz finefood product lines – from conviction.

Chicken 46 %, cooking broth 42 %, sunflower oil 6 %, beef 4 %, mineral supplements 2 %

Analytical constituents:
Moisture 75 %, raw protein 9.4 %, fat content 11.2 %, raw ash 3.1 %, raw fibre 0.2 %

Metabolisable energy: 138 kcal/100g



Available in little trays of 100 g.

Feeding recommendations:
catz finefood Mousse is supplementary feeding stuff and thus not recommended for feeding exclusively. In order to ensure a balanced diet, we therefore recommend a varied diet with other high-quality wet or dry food for cats, for instance catz finefood classic and catz finefood Purrrr.

Please adjust the daily feed amount individually and please always provide fresh drinking water.

Cat’s weight Daily requirement
1 – 3 kg 1 tray
more than 3 kg 1–2 trays