catz finefood Purrrrly – More flavour is impossible

catz finefood purrrrly no 103 huehnerherzen
catz finefood Purrrrly N° 103
- chicken hearts
catz finefood purrrrly no 105 rinderherzen
catz finefood Purrrrly N° 105
- beef hearts
catz finefood purrrrly no 107 lammherzen
catz finefood Purrrrly N° 107
- lamb hearts
catz finefood purrrrly no 109 shrimps
catz finefood Purrrrly N° 109
- shrimps

100 % taste – Pure and natural!


Our freeze-dried catz finefood Purrrrly are pure, tasty bites for cats. The special manufacturing process – freeze-drying – results in a particularly intense flavour. They are made of 100 % meat or shrimp and do not contain any additives. This makes our catz finefood Purrrrly the perfect snack even for sensitive felines.

catz finefood Purrrrly – The special treat for gourmets

The special manufacturing process of our freeze-dried snacks differs from that of other cat treats. The natural structures of the raw material are thus almost completely preserved – a special incentive for small tigers.

Made in Germany

Many freeze-dried snacks are produced in Asia for cost reasons – but not our catz finefood Purrrrly! As with all our products from the catz finefood assortment, we also attach great importance to the quality of the raw ingredients and high-quality production in our treats. That is why our freeze-dried treats are made in Bavaria.

catz finefood Purrrrly – The contents make the difference!

Treats may be called “catz finefood” only if they meet the same cat-appropriate philosophy as our first-class wet food.

That is why catz finefood Purrrrly:

  • Are made with 100 % meat
  • Contain one animal protein source each which is especially important for nutritionally sensitive cats
  • Do not contain additives
  • Do not contain gluten, cereals or sugar additives
  • Are made in Germany
  • Are delivered in reclosable packaging to keep them fresh and tasty for a long time

By the way: catz finefood Purrrrly are also an excellent topping for wet food or for the administration of medication.

catz finefood Purrrrly – “Concentrated flavour”

catz finefood Purrrrly are the right treat for all fussy fluff balls. Pure meat, pure delight. Simply what cats and their humans want.

The production of catz finefood Purrrrly

catz finefood Purrrrly are produced in Bavaria. A special process – freeze drying – is used. For our catz finefood Purrrrly, this means the aroma of the meat, the contained vitamins and enzymes are almost completely preserved. But how exactly does this work?

First, the raw ingredients are thoroughly checked for perfect quality. After passing the examination, the fresh meat is carefully and completely frozen, right into the core of the piece of meat. The water in the raw product has now turned to ice.

Next, the frozen meat is placed in a vacuum chamber. There, the ice crystals directly enter the gaseous state passing by the usual intermediate liquid phase. The result is a completely dry product with almost completely preserved natural structures. The individual meat fibres are therefore easily recognised and the taste of freeze-dried products is still very intense. The best prerequisites for a treat.

Freeze-drying makes the product almost as light as a feather. Assuming a moisture of 80 % in the product, about five times the mass of the fresh product is required to produce a piece of freeze-dried product. catz finefood Purrrrly are pure, concentrated taste!

Cats are convinced: catz finefood is four-paw gourmet food! Mmmeow!!!