catz finefood Purrrr – species-appropriate single-protein delicacies for sensitive gourmets

catz finefood Purrrr N° 103
catz finefood Purrrr N° 103 – chicken
catz finefood Purrrr N° 105
catz finefood Purrrr N° 105 – salmon
catz finefood Purrrr N° 107
catz finefood Purrrr N° 107 – kangaroo
catz finefood Purrrr N° 109
catz finefood Purrrr N° 109 – pork
catz finefood Purrrr N° 111
catz finefood Purrrr N° 111 – lamb
catz finefood Purrrr N° 113
catz finefood Purrrr N° 113 – mutton

Short ingredient list for special wholesomeness


The catz finefood Purrrr range consists of six tasty single-protein flavours. Single protein means that every recipe contains the meat and giblets of only one animal species. catz finefood Purrrr is also highly suitable for cats with sensitive digestion and for the exclusion diets of cats with allergies. But catz finefood Purrrr is generally a valuable and balanced enrichment of the daily feeding regime for all felines.

catz finefood Purrrr – the “less is more” philosophy

“Less is more” naturally does not relate to the meat content in our cat food. Cats are and will always be meat eaters. That way of thinking is reflected in the brevity of the ingredient list. Unlike with catz finefood classic, our pure wet food line does away with the addition of fruit, vegetables and herbs (to replicate the stomach contents of the prey). Each variety of catz finefood Purrrr contains the broth – which is the result of the cooking of the meat for the respective flavour – and only an extra helping of oil. Not only nutritionally sensitive cats benefit from this lean list of ingredients.

catz finefood Purrrr – what’s not in it also matters!

There are some ingredients that can be found in numerous cat foods. However, they are not appropriate for cats, of high-quality or beneficial. catz finefood Purrrr as a matter of principle contains:

  • no pressed meat
  • no bonemeal
  • no soy protein as a replacement for animal protein
  • no cereals
  • no sugar
  • no artificial colouring agents
  • no attractants
  • no artificial flavours
  • no preservatives
  • no cassia gum

Cheap fillers, vegetable proteins as a meat substitute and artificial additives masking the food are not attributes of high-grade cat food.

catz finefood Purrrr – simply a matter of taste

Puristic, clean and with all nutrients that are important to maintain our cat’s health – that is catz finefood Purrrr. Savoury single-protein gourmet food for demanding fluff balls.

The production of catz finefood Purrrr

Only fresh meat and the giblets of animals that are approved for food production find their way into the production of catz finefood Purrrr. As is customary with catz finefood, there is no room for tankage, meat pastes or pressed meat! All ingredients are delivered fresh to the production facilities every day – and from regional suppliers wherever possible.

The complete system is cleaned and rinsed thoroughly before and after each production series. These high hygiene standards help prevent other types of meat from finding their way into a catz finefood Purrrr flavour. After purity has been ensured and all raw ingredients have passed our strict quality checks, the ingredients are coarsely minced according to the respective flavour. That is how the highly sought-after catz finefood “all meat” consistency is created. The few remaining ingredients are subsequently added and everything is thoroughly blended.

The still raw fare is now filled into the cans and pouches. Whether it is a can or a pouch – the ingredients of a recipe are identical for all packaging types. After pouch and can edges are thoroughly cleaned, the containers are carefully sealed. No air can get to the food now. In the last production step, the food is made durable in autoclaves (under heat and pressure that is). This allows us to work without preservatives and ensures the highest possible preservation of the nutrients. Discover the excellent quality and juicy freshness of catz finefood Purrrr for yourself!

Cats are convinced: catz finefood is four-paw gourmet food! Mmmeow!!!