catz finefood Mousse – a lightly whipped cat food dream

catz finefood Mousse N° 203 – <br />chicken & lamb
catz finefood Mousse N° 203 –
chicken & lamb
catz finefood Mousse N° 205 – <br />chicken & beef
catz finefood Mousse N° 205 –
chicken & beef
catz finefood Mousse N° 207 – <br />whitefish with chicken, tuna & shrimps
catz finefood Mousse N° 207 –
whitefish with chicken, tuna & shrimps
catz finefood Mousse N° 209 – <br />whitefish with chicken, tuna & sardines
catz finefood Mousse N° 209 –
whitefish with chicken, tuna & sardines
catz finefood Mousse N° 211 – <br />turkey
catz finefood Mousse N° 211 –
catz finefood Mousse N° 213 – <br />whitefish with tuna fillet, turkey & salmon
catz finefood Mousse N° 213 –
whitefish with tuna fillet, turkey & salmon
catz finefood Mousse N° 215 – <br />chicken
catz finefood Mousse N° 215 –
catz finefood Mousse N° 217 – <br />turkey with Iberian pig
catz finefood Mousse N° 217 –
turkey with Iberian pig

A light and fluffy treat for all palates


catz finefood Mousse is a speciality for true gourmets. The soft texture makes especially the hearts of the cats preferring soft and scrumptious fare leap for joy. As with all catz finefood products, we have prepared only high-grade raw materials with gentle methods. The catz finefood Mousse range includes eight irresistible flavours.

catz finefood Mousse – made with the best ingredients

Connoisseurs know: You can count on the outstanding catz finefood quality. Of course, we also stay true to this principle with our catz finefood Mousse. High-quality meat and giblets form the basis of the fluffy meal. There is something here for every taste: from the Spanish delicacy Iberian pig to the various fish varieties, all taste senses are catered to.

Did you know?

We use exclusively tuna caught by hand (with fishing pole and line) for catz finefood Mousse. That saves the environment and gives shoals enough time to regenerate.

catz finefood Mousse – what’s not in it also matters!

There are ingredients that can be found in many cat foods. However, they are not appropriate for our fuzzy friends, of high-quality or beneficial. catz finefood Mousse as a matter of principle contains:

  • no pressed meat
  • no bonemeal
  • no soy protein as a cheap replacement for animal protein
  • no cereals
  • no sugar
  • no artificial colouring agents
  • no attractants
  • no artificial flavours
  • no preservatives
  • no cassia gum

Cheap fillers, vegetable proteins as a replacement for animal protein sources and artificial additives masking the food are not attributes of high-grade cat food.

catz finefood Mousse – sublime delight without regret

With catz finefood Mousse, you offer your beloved pet a true speciality. catz finefood Mousse is a supplementary feeding stuff and can be ideally integrated in the feeding schedule. Give catz finefood Mousse with every third to fourth meal for a balanced, cat-appropriate nutrition with that special delight.

The production of catz finefood Mousse

The unusual consistency of catz finefood Mousse poses special demands for the preparation. That is why our catz finefood Mousse is produced at a plant in Spain that predominantly processes food. The plant offers all highly modern technical prerequisites to manufacture catz finefood Mousse completely without chemical aids like stabilizers or foaming agents.

All raw ingredients are first coarsely and then finely minced for the production of catz finefood Mousse. The additional ingredients are subsequently added and everything is thoroughly blended. Here, we use a larger portion of the cooking broth to later on give the mousse its fluffy texture. The type and quantity of oils and fats are important for ideal results.

This is where the special production step comes in: the still raw catz finefood Mousse is forcefully and speedily pressed through a fine sieve several times. This creates small pearls of air which are surrounded by the mousse and which are essential for the enticing texture.

The mousse is finally filled into small bows and gently cooked for long freshness and durability. Since we are not using curing salts or colouring agents, the top layer of catz finefood Mousse can sometimes turn slightly grey. This is completely harmless. It affects only the appearance and has no bearing on the purity or nutritional value of the food. For the benefit of our velvet-pawed treasures, we have decided to work without artificial colour preservation and thus also curing salts. catz finefood Mousse – the responsible speciality!

Incidentally, the production plant of catz finefood Mousse in Spain is right next to the ocean in beautiful Galicia. The manufacturing plant works so neatly that even dolphins come into the bay during certain times of the year to catch one or two fish that “accidentally” fall into the water during the delivery.

But especially cats are convinced: catz finefood is four-paw gourmet food! Mmmeow!!!