catz finefood Meatz – treats that are right for cats

catz finefood Meatz N° 3 - Geflügel
catz finefood Meatz N° 3 – chicken
catz finefood Meatz N° 5 - Kalb
catz finefood Meatz N° 5 – veal
catz finefood Meatz N° 7 - Ente
catz finefood Meatz N° 7 – duck
catz finefood Meatz N° 9 - Hirsch
catz finefood Meatz N° 9 – deer
catz finefood N° 11 - Kaninchen
catz finefood Meatz N° 11 – rabbit
catz finefood Meatz N° 13 - Känguru
catz finefood Meatz N° 13 – kangaroo

Crispy snacks for all situations


Cat-appropriate nutrition also includes the appropriate high-quality treats for in between. catz finefood Meatz meet this demand to the fullest satisfaction of the pets and their owners. Tasty, crunchy grilled strips of good meat in reclosable pouches – it could hardly get any better than that! Discover catz finefood Meatz with four incredibly tasty flavours!

catz finefood Meatz – what a cat heart desires

Crunchy crisp on the outside, tender on the inside – a good way to describe the consistency of catz finefood Meatz. The grilled meat strips can be broken up as needed and fed by hand, hidden in a foraging toy, “hunted” or scattered across the food. The high meat content of 98–99.5 % (depending on the flavour) and the special preparation make our Meatz irresistibly tempting.

catz finefood Meatz convinces even true gourmets. The food test won over 96 % of all catidates: catz finefood Meatz are a delicious delight and a must-have in every food cabinet. catz finefood Meatz are so popular that the two flavours chicken and veal, which were tested by the independent portal, won the award “Product of the year 2016”! And the two new flavours duck and deer were elected “Product of the year 2017” by That is something we are really proud of!

catz finefood Meatz – what’s not in it also matters!

Treats may be called “catz finefood” only if they meet the same cat-appropriate philosophy as our first-class wet food.

catz finefood Meatz are:

  • crunchy strips made with 98–100 % meat
  • only one animal protein source each which is especially important for nutritionally sensitive cats
  • no artificial additives, cereals or sugar
  • in reclosable packaging to keep them fresh and tasty for a long time

catz finefood Meatz – TLC for taste buds

catz finefood Meatz are the right treat for all appropriately fed felines. Pure meat, pure delight. Simply what cats and their humans want.

The production of catz finefood Meatz

catz finefood Meatz are produced in Switzerland. Farmers have the best conditions there to produce raw ingredients of the highest quality in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. And those are the ingredients that we use to make our catz finefood Meatz.

The known Swiss speciality, the air-dried beef Bündnerfleisch®, is the model for the gentle drying and processing method used for catz finefood Meatz. The meat strips are grilled delicately over hot embers to preserve their natural, intensive meat aroma. We strictly avoid open flames during the grilling process to prevent the formation of soot particles and to keep all smoke away from the meat.

After the grilling, catz finefood Meatz are dried gently. This is how we guarantee the freeness from any preservatives and preserve the delicious taste. To keep our catz finefood Meatz crunchy and fresh for a long time, they are finally filled into convenient, reclosable pouches and then sealed air-tight. They are the perfect supplement to the high-quality wet food range of catz finefood.

Cats are convinced: catz finefood is four-paw gourmet food! Mmmeow!!!