catz finefood Classic – cat-appropriate delicacies for gourmets

catz finefood classic N° 3 - Geflügel
catz finefood Classic N° 3 – poultry
catz finefood classic N° 5 - Lachs & Geflügel
catz finefood Classic N° 5 – salmon & poultry
catz finefood classic N° 7 - Kalb
catz finefood Classic N° 7 – veal
catz finefood classic N° 9 - Wild
catz finefood Classic N° 9 – venison
catz finefood classic N° 11 - Lamm & Kaninchen
catz finefood Classic N° 11 – lamb & rabbit
catz finefood classic N° 13 - Hering & Krabben
catz finefood Classic N° 13 – herring & shrimp
catz finefood classic N° 15 - Huhn & Fasan
catz finefood Classic N° 15 – chicken & pheasant
catz finefood classic N° 17 - Geflügel & Garnelen
catz finefood Classic N° 17- poultry & prawns
catz finefood classic N° 19 - Lamm & Pferd
catz finefood Classic N° 19 – lamb & horse
catz finefood classic N° 21 - Wild & Rotbarsch
catz finefood Classic N° 21 – venison & redfish
catz finefood classic N° 23 - Rind & Ente
catz finefood Classic N° 23 – beef & duck
catz finefood classic N° 25 - Huhn & Thunfisch
catz finefood Classic N° 25 – chicken & tuna

Fancy variety for all fluff balls


catz finefood Classic offers twelve balanced flavours for modern and cat-appropriate nutrition for all fluff balls. Species-appropriate cat keeping also means species-appropriate nutrition – with catz finefood. Anybody who has ever dealt with these lovable tiny tigers knows that cats are gourmets. And every cat has its own food preferences. One of the twelve tasty flavours of catz finefood Classic is sure to be the favourite for your fluff ball!

catz finefood Classic – meat, meat, and…?

Cats are carnivores – all caring cat lovers know that by now. But there are still big differences in quality with regular cat food. Cats hunt for prey and their short digestive system is made for meat as the main component of their fare. Only good meat and nutritionally sensible giblets are used for catz finefood Classic. The recipe is supplemented with a proportionally low quantity of cat-appropriate fruits, vegetables, herbs and oils. Our goal is creating a suitable replacement for the original prey of cats with catz finefood!

catz finefood Classic – what’s not in it also matters!

There are some ingredients that can be found in many cat foods. However, they are not appropriate for cats, of high-quality or beneficial. catz finefood as a matter of principle contains

  • no pressed meat
  • no bonemeal
  • no soy protein as a replacement for animal protein sources
  • no cereals
  • no sugar additives
  • no artificial colouring agents
  • no attractants
  • no artificial flavours
  • no preservatives
  • no cassia gum

Cheap fillers, vegetable proteins and artificial additives masking the food are not attributes of high-grade cat food.

catz finefood Classic – quality that cats can taste

catz finefood is simply fine species-appropriate food for feline gourmets. Quality and the demand for high-grade cat food go hand in hand with convincing taste.

The production of catz finefood Classic

We exclusively use fresh meat and giblets to prepare catz finefood Classic. There is no room for tankage, meat pastes or pressed meat. All ingredients are delivered fresh to the production facilities every day – and from regional suppliers and local hunters wherever possible.

After all raw ingredients have passed our strict quality checks, the ingredients are coarsely minced according to the respective flavour. That is the basis for highly sought-after catz finefood “all meat” consistency. Fruits, vegetables, herbs, oils and mineral supplements are then added and everything is mixed thoroughly.

The still raw fare is now filled into the cans and pouches. Whether it is a can or a pouch, the ingredients of a recipe are identical for all packaging types. After pouch and can edges are thoroughly cleaned, the containers are carefully sealed. No air can get to the food now. In the last production step, the food is made durable in autoclaves (under heat and pressure that is). This allows us to work without preservatives and ensures the highest possible preservation of the nutrients. Discover the excellent quality and juicy freshness of catz finefood Classic for yourself!

Cats are convinced: catz finefood is four-paw gourmet food! Mmmeow!!!