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catz finefood – a cat food brand conquers the market

In 2010, we at Pets Nature decided to bundle our complete knowledge about cat-appropriate nutrition in one product. Our goal was creating modern species-appropriate recipes to produce cat food that would convince humans and cats alike.

catz finefood – the nutrition concept

Outstanding quality and cat-appropriate recipes make catz finefood suitable for all the life phases of cats. We eschew the addition of sugar, genetically modified ingredients or soy protein as a replacement for animal protein sources; and there is no place for tankage, pressed meat and the like in our recipes. Cats as carnivores naturally get served meat with catz finefood! And no animal testing is carried out for any catz finefood products.

The wet food line catz finefood Purrrr is especially interesting for sensitive cats because the products contain only one animal protein source and feature a winning “less is more” philosophy. Tender fillet meat from Germany in succulent jelly – those are our catz finefood Fillets in Jelly. The special thing about catz finefood Fillets: with its balanced recipe, we have developed a complete food with fillet meat quality. Especially picky cats will happily let you pamper them with the paw-licking good and tender catz finefood Mousse and the grilled cat treats catz finefood Meatz convince almost all cats (96 % acceptance)!

Cats are convinced: catz finefood is four-paw gourmet food! Mmmeow!!!

Pets Nature – we understand animals

Pets Nature was founded in 1999 and is dedicated to the high-quality and animal-appropriate nutrition of cats and dogs. At first, we exclusively sold excellent animal feeding stuffs from national and international manufacturers. The concept was successful because more and more animal lovers wanted to feed their cats and dogs healthy and sustainable food.

The best products are best made personally

There are some really good cat food products by now. But we at Pets Nature wanted to be completely sure that only the best, cat-appropriate ingredients are in the food. The right recipes for cats, combined with a consistent product philosophy and fair prices allowed only one conclusion: We had to develop our own cat food! And thus catz finefood was born.

It all started with the gourmet product line catz finefood Classic which very quickly found many fans. In 2015, the product range was expanded with the single-protein catz finefood Purrrr. The fluffy catz finefood Mousse and the grilled treats catz finefood Meatz have been complementing the collection since 2016. And since 2017, you can now also spoil cats with our catz finefood Fillets, a complete food with fillet quality made in Germany. Since 2018 there is also an organic line of catz finefood. Other products are under development.

From a cat’s point of view, all five catz finefood assortments stand for well-thought-out quality. The enthusiasm of the four-legged gourmets shows in the high acceptance figures in product tests.